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Helmut Newton was a fashion photographer whose provocative, erotic black and white photos graced the pages of Vogue and many other sophisticated publications.  Most of his career consisted of photographing the nude figure and presenting it in the most elegant way.


He once quoted:


“I had found out that I did not function well in the studio, that my imagination needed the reality of the outdoors. I also realized that only as a fashion photographer could I create my kind of universe and take up my camera in the chic place and in what the locals called la zone, which were working-class districts, construction sites, and so on. To work for French Vogue at that time was wonderful: Who else would have published these nudes or the crazy and sexually charged fashion photographs which I would submit to the editor in chief?” -Helmut Newton


We can’t wait to get our hands on this book, it contains some of the most beautiful and well-known photographs of his time.


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