I See: The eyes of VII in the hands of Hipstamatic

At the moment while phone photography is getting enormously popular with apps like Instagram, an exhibition by world’s preeminent photojournalists just launched at Boston’s Griffin Museum of Photography. Using only Hipstamatic app and its famous vintage filters, 20 renowned photojournalists from VII Photo Agency captured through their smartphones all around the globe intimate familial moments, playful human gestures and birds-eye views of urban and earthly landscape. A must see if you are in the area!

Images included in this show are sometimes anecdotes to this extremely intense work.

“Utilizing a reflexive instrument which captures and transmits an image in seconds in the hands of these highly trained and skilled masters yields amazing results. There is an irony in the freedom found by the restriction of choice – one touch snaps the shot on an iPhone. The Hipstamatic application allows the layering of filters to add subtle effects to tone and focus.”

4 Clarendon Street Boston, MA
March 15 – May 5, 20121
Gallery talk Stephen Mayes April 26, 7 PM
images from i-See photo credits
Lynsey Adario, David Monteleone
Erin Trieb, Gary Knight
Ed Kashi, Donald Weber

More information at www.griffinmuseum.org – Via www.boston.com & www.theverge.com