Magic Wands: Space

Listen to ” Space” Here

      1. Space


If strippers, Aronofsky or moody-lit kitsch seating don’t come to mind with the Magic Wands single, “Space,” then unleash your own imagination and see it run. Spacey-dream-pop lovers Chris and Dexy have the musical design talent to put a soundtrack to anything on with their inner child and outer sex-punk image. Their debut full-length album, Aloha Moon (drops April 24 off Bright Antenna),is at the front of the line for rocking any full house.

Produced by Dave Sardy (Cold War Kids, LCD Soundsystem, Marylin Manson, Bush, insert badass band here), Magic Wands is the vocal stylings and sound alliance of L.A. duo Chris and Dexy Valentine. Their material is fashion-forward with atypical beats in their track titles alone (Kaleidoscope Hearts, Kiss Me Dead, Aloha Moon). And as they crescendo their release with this first class single, Space, plan for a healthy overdose and wild honeymoon next month.