Sebastien Preschoux [Interview]

1. Introduce yourself in a few words.

My name is Sebastien Preschoux, I am 35 years old. I am a self-taught artist/designer. I design and have recently started creating all my ink drawings based on spirographs, thread tensions and also using acrylic paints.

2. Our Society is using more and more new technology, and everything you do is with your hands, why is this difficult?

There are many reasons for that. We are living in a era where everything’s fast, produced massively and widely used. Less and less people are aware of what is going on around them.
With a computer you can make everything fast-paced and very flattering, everyone can fake it, so whats the point ? Nothing personal, nothing unique.

Nowadays, the new generation disposes of images as a industrial rapidity and they are not asking themselves about where these things are coming from. Is it handmade or is it an electronic work?
When they are faced with creating handmade work, they realize the labor and time it takes. The result is way more important than a printed work that is, easily reproduced.
In my opinion, art makes sense if it is the result of the human hand.

3. Your installations are often made natural environments. What about these conditions inspire you?

The first time I made a thread installation it was in the forest in Argentina. It is very pleasant and approachable to work in natural environments : no one disturbs you, you take the time you want, the time you need. Additionally trees are a very solid construction on which you can work without destroying anything. I like to bring these colored threads with a geometric climate on a environment that is absolutely not graphic to begin with.

4. They look like giant spiderwebs…

Yes, its very arachnida. I called one of my installation « cocoon » because I feel like I’m becoming a really small spider when I spin.

5. You worked with Wu Yue Nyno for an exhibition in Berlin recently. Was it a new and a good experience for you ?

Yes I had never done that before. Nyno was one of the only people with whom I aspired to do a collaboration. He invited me to Berlin and we put together this project. The object was to tell a story, to create a link between his drawings and my installations. It was very gratifying to work with him.

6. Could you talk a little bit about your next project ?

The only thing I can tell right now is that its going to be an installation in urban environment, in Paris, this summer 2010…

Visit his site for more views on his art