Twin Sister : All Around And Away We Go (COOLRUNNINGS RMX)

Twin Sister are a Brooklyn quintet who have been gaining a lot of momentum over the past few months. With the release of their new EP, Color Your Life, came the gem “All Around and Away We Go” – a track who’s core is vocalist Andrea Estrella’s airy croon over a late 70’s disco theme.

Coolrunnings plays percussive experimental-rock and are from Knoxville, Tennessee. They took Twin Sisters track and added some sequenced drums and floating synths. The original now seems like a disco track straight off the Love Boat, while  Coolrunnings interpretation seems like its coked out sibling from the movie Scarface. Personally, I know I would choose Scarface over the Love Boat any day.

Listen to “All Around And Away We Go (No Merry Go Rounds) (Coolrunnings RMX)” Here

[mp3j track=”All-Around-And-Away-We-Go-No-Merry-Go-Rounds-Coolrunnings-RMX.mp3″]

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