Twin Sister : All Around And Away We Go (COOLRUNNINGS RMX)

Twin Sister are a Brooklyn quintet who have been gaining a lot of momentum over the past few months. With the release of their new EP, Color Your Life, came the gem “All Around and Away We Go” – a track who’s core is vocalist Andrea Estrella’s airy croon over a late 70’s disco theme.

Coolrunnings plays percussive experimental-rock and are from Knoxville, Tennessee. They took Twin Sisters track and added some sequenced drums and floating synths. The original now seems like a disco track straight off the Love Boat, while  Coolrunnings interpretation seems like its coked out sibling from the movie Scarface. Personally, I know I would choose Scarface over the Love Boat any day.

Listen to “All Around And Away We Go (No Merry Go Rounds) (Coolrunnings RMX)” Here

      1. All Around And Away We Go (No Merry Go Rounds) Coolrunnings RMX

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