Exclu: Scheltens + Abbenes Trendland Video Interview ‘Unfolded’

If you’ve been following Trendland over the years, you should be well versed in the work of one our favorite creative duo’s,  Scheltens + Abbenes. From their methodical arrangements to look books to still life, they never cease to captivate us with their visual imagery. Rather than present an object in its original state, they arrange and meticulously photograph their subjects, which eventually take on the form of a new object all together. The innovative couple can be seen as the forerunners of the emerging still life trend and its presence in the fashion realm. They recently came to the U.S to receive this years Applied/Fashion/Advertising ICP Award and present their newest book Unfolded, a book that simultaneously functions as an exhibition. Imitating the physical experience of walking through an exhibit, was only one subtle aspect of the book. We were able to sit down with the artists to discuss their work and the processes that inspire their creativity.  Check out the video interview below!

scheltens abbenes trendland video interview unfolded

Scheltens + Abbenes Video Interview : Unfolded from TrendLand on Vimeo.


Scheltens Abbenes Studio

arper tables scheltens abbenes

Directed by Ani Tzenkova
Filmed by Darren Marshall
Edited by Ryan Balas & Kathryn Chadason