Scheltens & Abbenes Studio : Methodical Arrangements

It’s been months since I discovered Scheltens & Abennes Studio, and I keep going back to their website to admire their work and deliberate about their process and decisions. Fascinated by their methodical arrangements of assorted objects I decided to reach out to them to hear their voice and perspective on some of my questions. Husband-wife collaborators, photographer Maurice Scheltens and visual artist Liesbeth Abbenes, seem to have a secret language beyond words.

When asked about their process, Schelten replied “See us like making the finest recipe with a top secret on how it’s made. You can only find it back in the result, so watch carefully!” So lets see how your mind decodes the fancy recipe of their meticulous groupings.

Scheltens & Abbenes refined aesthetic has given them the oppurtunity to work with clients who seem to stay out of the creative process, allowing the creators to create without being jaded by commerce. And the results prove why each time.