Ratatat : Drugs

New York Electronic duo Ratatat are back! After producing several cuts off Kid Cudi’s debut album last year they are back with new material of their own, their follow up to their 2008 effort Lp3. This one is conveniently called Lp4. As usual their tracks are extremely well put together and feature absolutely no vocals but don’t worry there are just enough twists and turns… to keep you entertained the whole time without having to hear a single word. As they put it ” with instrumentals, they can be a lot of different things to a lot of different people. It’s more about emotions than specific subject matter”. This particular song starts out with 5 seconds of muttered German that seems to be dialogue cut from a movie (if you speak German feel free to translate for us) and then serenades you with another 50 seconds of subtle piano and strings to get you in the mood before serving the main course and dropping the drums, bass and of course the synths. With that said I shall let you indulge in this fine piece of work and make sure to pre-order the album, its out next week. Trust me it will be worth it!

Listen to “Drugs” here

      1. 02 Drugs

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