Portugal. The Man at KCRW scaled

Portugal. The Man at KCRW’s ‘Who Shot Rock & Roll’ Concert Series

      1. All Your Light



Continuing KCRW’s concert series in collaboration with The Annenberg’s ‘Who Shot Rock ‘N Roll’ photo exhibit, Portugal. The Man adds a youthful texture to the event celebrating its musical ancestors.


The Alaskans followed last week’s star guest, Moby and managed to elude a legend’s shadow, giving a deep-rooted nod to the classic bluesy-rock that fuels their charismatic show. Leaving costumes and choreography to the divas, Portugal surrounded themselves with strings of white, glowing globes as fancy as a summer picnic.


A highlight of the night was their prolonged jam session ending in The Beatles’ “Helter Skelter,” further honoring a past-time so obvious in their just-play-the-music performance style. Psychedelic funk turned into funky rock ‘n’ roll, and was topped off by “Children of the Revolution” and none other than, “Hey Jude.” It was a salute to the future of music by celebrating its past: Nothing, if not appropriate for the nostalgic exhibit’s musical counterpart.


      2. Sleep Forever



Portugal favorites like “So American,” and other In the Mountain In the Cloud album-mates, “Got It All,” Sleep Forever,” and “All Your Light” showed off the eclectic 70’s repertoire they have finally made radio friendly for the masses. With this 7th album, the colorful group have bloomed into an authentic mixing pot for a grandiose sound and show. Don’t miss the final concert in the series on August 4th with guests, Raphael Saadiq and Band of Skulls–still open for RSVP, here.