Plastic People by Maria Svarbova

Bratislava-based photographer Mariá Svarbová returns with yet another enigmatic and carefully executed editorial, this time around with mannequins as protagonists and surroundings perfect for intelligence work, of course, with her signature penchant for paranoia.

Starting on the factory floor the cast is prepared by nondescript workers doing their part, positioning and preparing for the events that will take place on the main stage: offices and corridors reminiscent of 70’s spy thrillers. Smartly introducing a small conflict in which the doll-like characters are faced with plastic heads themselves, the beginning and end of a cycle is unclear. Sabotage is the final touch from a mysterious visitor.


If there was ever a remake or sequel for Rainer Fassbinder’s ‘World on a Wire’ this would be an excellent starting point, from the impeccable ambiance to the ingenious color palette. Praise worthy indeed.


Written by Mateus Andrade

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Art direction: Mária Svarbová
Costume: Zuzana Hudakova
Make up and Hair: Lucia Sladeckova
Model: Silvia, Tomas (M managenment), Ivana, Maros (Simpatico), Milos
Special thanks: Peter Agner, Ministry of Interior (Slovak Republic)