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Pharrell Blurs the Lines of Art with his new Book

Since their 2002 beginnings, the contemporary fine art collective FriendsWithYou continues to spread their message of magic, luck and friendship with their latest art book published by Rizzoli titled “We Are FriendsWithYou.”
FriendsWithYou is a new breed of artist pushing the envelope of traditional confounds of art by blurring the lines between society’s perceptions of high and low art. Pioneered by artists Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III, We Are FriendsWithYou is written by collaborators Pharrell Williams and playwright/filmmaker Alejandro Jodoroswky with an introduction by the director of Dallas Contemporary Museum Peter Doroshenko.

We Are FriendsWithYou is a playful and extensive monograph exploring art collective’s owners Sam & Tury through their artistic pathways from early handcrafted art objects to recent projects experimenting with animation, paintings, sculpture, public playgrounds among other mediums.

With an intention to have the viewer mentally participate in their art by realizing the human need to relate to one another, FriendsWithYou has established an art form unprecedented, at the crossroads of art, design and pop culture while welcoming all influences from film, directors, writers, anime to contemporary artists.

This book gives depth and a proper lens into the art duo’s complete body of work while continuing to spread their self-proclaimed and well-known “happy-virus.”







Written by Amber Johnson

Trendland Exclusive

Styling Sonia Rentsch

Photographer Henry Hargreaves

Art Direction Sylvie Lekarski

Printed Matter Features