Tonight you will feast! Perla, tucked away on the corner of Minetta Lane in the West Village, is a cozy Italian joint bustling with the most fashionable people of Downtown.  The food here is exactly what you want it to be, rustic Italian with a nose to tail vibe that chef Michael Toscano is aptly known for. The ingredients are not fussy, just simple, creative, and delicious! A wood burning fire, cozy booths, and dim lighting and colors sum up the check-marks for a modern bistro dining experience. The ambiance has a seductiveness that is perfect for a date, with the smell of the fire kissing the dishes as they come out; looking around at everyone enjoying great food and clinking wine glasses, I quickly realized it is a place to indulge.

Before I go any further I must mention the octopus. Melt in your mouth is not a typical description for this eight-legged creature but it is the only way to credit this ultra-tender succulent sensation that was created in the kitchen at Perla. Another favorite was the black spaghetti with king crab and cauliflower, a harmonious combination that is a must order! The table to the right ordered the ribeye for two, and my eyes widened at this magnificent display of perfectly executed meat on a bed of roasted cannelloni beans. As I found my gaze driting off to the next table, the Saba glazed duck with savoy cabbage, pickled golden raisins, and quince was placed in front of me and I quickly snapped back into reality.  It was the perfect blend of sweet and savory. The creative play on classics and cooked-to-perfection ingredients make Perla a stand out in the sea of Italian restaurants.

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