Renovated Oriental Warehouse Loft Building

It’s a typical sunny day in San Francisco, and the solid brick block that is the Oriental Warehouse Loft Building is basking in the rays. Renovated, redecorated, and reconfigured, the historic structure became a well-known project of Edmonds + Lee Architects, a three-man team who gave the space some breathing room. In came panels of floor-to-ceiling glass, shiny silver balls of reflective lights,  and yes, a gigantic centered hanging shower head.

“In order to maximize the spatial experience of the loft, traditional notions of domestic privacy were abandoned in favor of open and transparent relationships,” states the firm. “In contrast to the existing heavy-timber and rusticated brick structural shell which are left exposed, sleek new interior finishes were replaced throughout including wall and floor finishes, kitchen and bathroom millwork and a new steel cantilever stair that connects the living areas on the ground floor with the sleeping areas on the mezzanine.”

Edmonds + Lee Architects