Pepper Rabbit: ‘Rose Mary Stretch’

Listen to “Rose Mary Stretch” here

      1. 'Rose Mary Stretch'


The first 3 seconds of “Rose Mary Stretch” beguiles the listener, planting electronic expectations of the likes of Justice, but then comes the rapid switch up into a happy guitar-filled and lighthearted indie pop-rock treat. Not since Passion Pit’s arrival to indie has there been such an energetic entrance on to the indie scene. The twirling piano and banging drums make for a dramatic chorus just right for bed-bouncing and underground foot stomping. The thoughtful lyrics in between give the single an intimate quality.

[Fun fact: ‘Rose Mary Stretch’ was the nickname of Richard Nixon’s secretary who claimed to have “accidentally” erased a portion of the scandalous Water Gate tapes, which would have required simultaneously pushing two buttons several feet apart. I’d venture to say, if her story were to have checked out, the woman could have contested in Ripley’s Guinness of World Records category for longest stretch.]

Perhaps Pepper Rabbit (aka Americans, Xander Singh and Luc Laurent) and their debut album, Beauregrard, were mildly overlooked last year, but I predict Red Velvet Snow Ball out August 9th on Kanine Records will not have the same response. The duo, seen touring with Freelance Whales, Miniature Tigers, and Ra Ra Riot, is now extensively touring North America with the lovely BRAIDS. Catch a show!