Pepe Heykoop Furniture Design

Dutch furniture designer Pepe Heykoop has some great, yet very original furniture in his portfolio, I love these two series the most, The Brickseries (I dont know if it is very comfortable to sit on that chair) and the Skin series, where he used leather scrap to cover old furniture. See more below

BrickChair Collection:

The Brickchair was the result of a reaction on a drawing made by James Gulliver Hancock. His handwriting changed the chair once (into a drawing), my interpretation changed it again; into bricks. A little evolution. The project is about interpretation and imagination.
The Brickseries will soon be taken into production by FURNISM

Skin Collection :

The skin collection is a reaction on the 25-30% excessive waste produced by the furniture industry. The furniture used are existing, modified and covered up in leather leftovers. This project is fed by leather scrap, turning it into random skin patterns, referring to cell structures and growth in nature.

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