Old Chinese Scissor Rebranded

Chinese industrial designer Xun Ye had the idea to create this great re-branding campaign for the 348-year old Chinese scissor brand Zhang Xiao Quan. The oldest Chinese scissor brand has been passed down for several generations and is facing serious problems due to a lack of design consistency from one product category to another and any marketing promotion for over 20 years. Also, because of the entry of other foreign brands on the Chinese market, the brand’s essence is weakening gradually and the market share is decreasing rapidly.

After been taken over by the government, the brand was recently sold to a private company and is set to trouble very soon if nothing is done. That’s why Xunye Design had the idea to do this great re-brand campaign.

Update from Xun Ye saying that “ because Zhang Xiao Quan actually is the hero brand in China, and Chinese government won’t let it disappear. it is just facing problems: losing the Chinese youth market.

More information at www.xunyedesign.com