Pelle Presents Unnatural Habitat [NY Design Week]

If you are in New York (until June 28th) be sure to check the imaginative conceptual environment ‘Unnatural Habitat’ installation by PELLE – The exhibition debuts their new work with a sculpted palm leaf ‘Nana Lure lamps‘ (in love!), a kinetic light installation titled Dust, and the precision-milled DVN table.

On view in their Flatiron showroom-atelier ‘Unnatural Habitat’ is an exploration in depicting natural phenomena with abstract means. Objects are defamiliarized through shifts in proportion, context, material and time. Dust suspends the transitory moment of a shattering mirror, creating a constellation of reflective fragments whose twinkling lights mimic dust particles floating through the air.

Nana, the third and latest addition to the Lure Collection, isolates a tropical leaf from its natural environment, creating a sculpted, oversized shade— a fantastical botanical illustration come to life. Offering both complement and contrast, the DVN Table, milled of solid blocks of aluminum, suggests a seemingly unbreakable state.

Interspersed throughout the exhibition, billowing curtains serve to veil and reveal, adding to the dream-like experience of interacting with echoes of an actual, and more natural world. Unnatural Habitat offers an alternate perspective on form and phenomena, mobilizing abstraction to offer a new lens through which to view our surroundings.

NANA LURE ($28,000 each)

The third and most recent addition to the Lure Collection, Nana combines realism with fantastical abstraction to bring a botanical illustration to life. Nana’s distinctive banana frond is an enlivened specimen hand-sculpted into a single giant cast-cotton painted leaf. The leaf acts as a natural shade and is illuminated to become a standing or suspended light. In the romantic spirit of botanical drawings, the Nana Lure lamp offers an imaginative depiction of a weathered and true banana leaf that exists in the tropical world.

An expansive and kinetic light installation composed of reflective shards, Dust isolates and explores the transitory moment of a breaking mirror. Fragmented shapes are suspended in an arrangement of lit and mirrored surfaces to create an immersive experience of particles dispersed and floating. Each shape is at once random and immediately recognizable, echoing the unlikely patterns observed in shattered forms. Dust mimics the effect of moving and twinkling dust particles carried in the air.

PELLE is an independent design studio that combines the practices of art and engineering to create expressive design objects. Integrating artistic exploration with architectural integrity, PELLE offers an original collection of hand produced, professionally refined pieces.