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Preserving Nature by Myoung Ho Lee

Do you also have these memories from when you were younger and you were preserving leaves between books The Korean artist Myoung Ho Lee enkindles this nostalgic feeling through his work of framed trees in nature.

Drying leaves gives you the opportunity to stop time by capturing nature’s beauty forever. Just as picking the right type of leaves for your leaf collection the artist manages to capture the right trees for his collection. Different seasons, various landscapes, but all in the artist’s home country and Mongolia.

Tree #1, 2006

Tree…#6, 2013

Tree #2, 2006

Tree #3, 2006

Tree #6, 2008

Tree #5, 2007

Tree #7, 2007

Tree #8, 2007

Tree #12, 2008

Lee’s bold style of studio portraiture inspired by the late legend Richard Avedon is advertising what is readily visible in nature. The artist wants to relieve the tree out of context by isolating the subject with its white backdrops, but not fully. Occasionally he leaves traces of each spectacle’s production within the frame, as backdrops are wrinkled and shadowed. The Tree photo series is a remarkable series of photographs with trees as the central focus, in an artistic and naturalistic state

Photos Myoung Ho Lee courtesy Yossi Milo Gallery, New York