Naturalia: The Beauty of Nature Reclaiming Its Rights

Following our article of Filip Bodas 3D abandoned Pop Icons structures, we are now seeing the real result of nature reclaiming back its place with this intriguing series, ‘Naturalia’ by French photographer Jonathan Jimenez aka Jonk.

I realized the atmospheres’ intensity and the passage of time aesthetic: rust, cracked walls, flaking paint, broken windows and nature rebirthing create incredible scenes. For me, all this seems like infinite poetry,”

This personal photographic project recently became a book gathering several hundreds abandoned places from all over the world.

Jonk is already at work on his next book project, which will feature abandoned Soviet monuments he has discovered scattered across Eastern Europe. Like the images in Naturalia, these photographs will be devoid of human subjects—a deliberate choice. “Some people like to put models in front of these scenes, but that’s not my thing,” the photographer says.

“I just want people to see the places, the spirit inside them.”

Book available to purchase at

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