Nao Vs A.K. Paul : So Good

      1. Nao Vs. A.K. Paul - So Good


London based songstress Nao teams up with A.K. Paul, who just so happens to be the brother of the monumental Jai Paul, to bring us the potent “So Good”. In a style very similar to Jai Paul and Ben Khan, it’s no wonder that producer talent A.K. supposedly had a hand in Jai’s masterful “BTSU” and “Jasmine”. At the same time I can’t help but conspire that Jai has his hand in all three of these projects as they are way too good and carry a signature that’s all too similar to his own to not question. Regardless, the track is full of soulful vocalizations back and forth between Nao and Paul and that swaying beat that resonates so uniquely doesn’t fail all the way through.

For more from Nao, check out here Kwabs-approved modern day ballad “Back Porch” which also hit the mark but in a slightly different tone.