My Gold Mask: Violet Eyes

Listen to “Violet Eyes” here

      1. Violet Eyes


There’s an explosive piece of dark, electric pop rock waiting to get out in “Violet Eyes.” Anyone who desperately misses the days when Yeah Yeah Yeahs actually released music will be a fan of My Gold Mask, who takes after Karen O’s edgy vocal stylings and that stuttering electric guitar. The New-York based duo (and happily married couple) is Gretta Rochelle and Jack Armondo. As they put it, “We are two people who like to make music together. Gretta sings and plays drums. Jack plays a nylon string electric guitar. Together we make extrinsic pop.” With lyrics like, “I like shooting arrows in the dark! I like driving nails into your heart!” I’d say they got the extrinsic part right. For being in love, Gretta and Jack sure know how to make a song about heartbroken revenge and make it sound good.