MS MR: Hurricane



      1. Hurricane


On the crowded shores of deviant-pop, there stand an ambitious cult of music artists laboring over perfect pitches, mechanical textures and absolute anonymity. MS MR  may as well be at the head of the table with “Hurricane.”  The über raw duo rock Brooklyn to cultivate emotional lyricism (at times haunting) and instrumental congruency while the dawn of the decade continues to unfold a trend of all-star DIYers from the subterranean.


We could not be more eager to unveil this summer splash, but mum is the word on their big debut album. After a self-produced EP last Autumn, Ghost City, one which proved these talents are dialed in to mood and melody, MS MR still hold out on the bio front, but generously gift their sounds to onlookers. The expanding genre of this esoteric pop inches near definition with MS MR as a maturity in vocals meets a polished harmony between intelligent layering and soft breaks for electronic fluidity. Not to mention a closet of classic pinups and Americana icons for inspiration: Labyrinth, The Ghost, more Bowie, more films, big novels, skeletons, lipstick…just hit up their Tumblr. Best not to compare this material to Crystal Castles, Alpines, Grand Duchy, Florence Welch, etc., but they may rub elbows.


      2. Ms Mr - Bones