East meet West at Mrs Pound [Hong Kong]

“Mrs Pound had a lustrous career in the 1950s as a burlesque dancer. She travelled the world on the arm of different suitors and experiences flavours from across the globe, but at the height of her popularity she mysteriously disappeared from the public eye. Rumor has it she had run away with her true lover – Mr. Ming, a conservative, reserved, and wealthy gentleman from Hong Kong. His kindness won the heart of Mrs. Pound, and he gave her his favourite stamp shop to turn into her personal domain, to hide Mrs. Pound and to keep her location a secret.“

This may sound like the plot of a new Wong Kar-wai’s movie, instead is the concept of a very famous Asian restaurant hidden behind of what looks like a traditional Chinese stamp shop.

We are at n.6 in Pound Lane, Sheung Wan. Unless you have a particular interest in Chinese stamps you’ll never notice it and the fun part is that if you want to get in you have to figure out which of the carved chops let the door open.

The interiors are made in an “East meet West” format: fuchsia walls, neon lights, bar and stools get back to the 50’s American diners style, while the flooring tiles and the emerald green are a particular Hong Kong signature detail.

The whole visual intention is to evoke the fictional story behind through design contrasts so decorations like make-up compacts, lipstick cheeky messagges, pink leather and mirrored lights tell all about Mrs Pound’s glam past, meanwhile green furnishings and diagonal concrete panels express Mrs Ming masculine touch.

The retro gymnasium-style hoops lights are just too cool.

Written by Angela Grossi

Interior design: NC Design & Architecture Ltd
Project designer: Nelson Chow, Alexander Chan and Johan Hovgaard Simonsen
Graphic design: NC Design & Architecture Ltd, a107 and Entendre Studios
Photography by Dennis Lo Designs and Justin Lim.


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