Movement (NSFW)

      1. Movement - Ivory - Movement


      2. Movement - 5:57 - Movement




Let’s talk about sex. Or perhaps we should listen to some music that perfectly evokes it. No, why don’t we just watch someone else making passionate love. Australian trio Movement present us with the opportunity to do all of the above and with such finesse in their brooding R&B crafted sound that they will surely have you under their provocative spell.


Their self-titled 4-track EP which was released in May via Modular Recordings —a label to keep close tabs on—goes beyond just sonic motion and pushes the boundary of imagery as it tempestuously penetrates your psyche. Covering a versatile ground from the pulsing synth driven “5:57′” to “Ivory’s” screaming bridge guitar solo the EP is certainly a complete piece of work and artistic expression.


Finally, as if we weren’t riled up enough, our curiosities reach a climactic clarity as the Fleur & Manu directed visual accompaniment for “Ivory” which gives fair warning with a (NSFW) tag, takes us away to a nymphomaniacal fantasyland that is nothing short of breathtaking.