MoneyMaker: Leather Multi-Camera Harness

I know a couple (Street Style) photographers that will fall in love with this beautiful leather Multi-Camera harness by HoldFastGear! For less than $200 The MoneyMaker is a harness which derives its style from that indelibly cool detective in our collective memories with that boss leather shoulder harness holding his peacemaker. Made out of top grain leather with anchored D-rings, this is the only multi-camera harness that actually gets better with age. The brown harness is oil tanned, making it very soft and malleable. The natural harness actually darkens with use and exposure to the sun.

HoldFast modified the “bossness” to hold the modern shooters tools. Drawing from those classic themes, HoldFast designed a highly fashionable, highly durable, as well as highly comfortable harness for two or three cameras. It’s adaptable in that the MoneyMaker can be converted into a video rig which makes shooting in the field with a shoulder mount video camera and DSLR in tow an easy and fast experience.

The Speed Clutch is an ingenious product that allows the camera to easily slide up and down the harness, and will also be used in conjunction with the upcoming bag line. The design of this harness keeps the cameras from hanging too low making them easily manageable, keeping them close to the body thus more comfortable. This setup truly shines on long shoots such as weddings.

The cameras are kept inline with the body and the weight centered over the upper back and shoulders taking strain off the lower back. The MoneyMaker looks classy when dressed up in a suit and tie or just as classy with jeans and a t-shirt. Pair this with 2 Camera Leashes to gain the ability to carry a third camera from the front D rings.

If you plan on doing a lot of active movement before you stop to shoot you can secure the cameras from swing around by using the Camera Leash attached to your belt/belt loop and then anchored to the camera.

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