Molecule-R R-Evolution

Create haute-cuisine in your kitchen with Molecule-R. Play your favorite chefs Wiley Dufresne and Ferran Adria to recreate the magic behind molecular gastronomy. Who says you have to be a Michelin star chef to create these scientific eats? Well Molecule-R has cracked the codes and made this culinary art form accessible to amateur cooks, gourmands, and mixologists to enjoy and impress in their own kitchens. It could be described a magicians box of tricks for the food world and all who enjoy it. But do not be intimidated if this is the first first time you’ve dabbled in this experimental cooking technique. Molecule-R assembles curated kits tailored to any skill level. These chemistry set looking utensils may seem misplaced but they will help create delicate morsels bursting with flavor. It won’t be long before a creative force takes over and inspires inventive pairings with those balsamic vinegar pearls or tomato soup spaghetti you’ve just made. A joyous and exciting new way to learn a delicious skill!

Cuisine R-Evolution by Molecule-R

Siphon R-Evolution by Molecule-R

Mojito R-Evolution by Molecule-R

Purchase Molecule-R R-Evolutions Kits here.

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Vanessa Weste

Year Born: 1988
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