Modernist At Six Hotel [Stockholm]

Upon entering the At Six hotel in Stockholm, you need to pass under a minimal ’X’ marking an entrance to the building. You will come across this enigmatic sign plenty of times throughout your stay – it has become sort of symbol of a modern, unassuming luxury the hotel stands for.

Located right in the capital’s centre at Brunkebergstorg square, the place once hosted the most elegant boutiques and palaces. In the 1960s, it was completely refurbished and changed its character. Modernism began to reign and At Six occupies one of the modern buildings. Inside, one can immediately discern the Scandinavian restrain when it comes to decoration. Marble lobby is modestly adorned with a statue ‘Mar Whispering’ by a Catalan atist, Jaume Plensa. Against the minimalist backdrop of grey concrete walls, you will come across many thoughtfully-curated art treasures. It is the vision of a curator, Sune Nordgren, who has picked artworks by the likes of Sol Lewitt, Julian Opie and Olafur Eliasson to compliment the space.

Featuring over 300 rooms, there is a private feel to At Six. These are the great acoustics and serene interiors conceived by London-based Universal Design Studios that offer relaxation. From a standard lodging with dreamy king beds, marble writing desks and panoramic windows to suites featuring private balconies or a rooftop terrace, the rooms are quiet oasis equipped with design pearls.

For entertainment, one can head to the Listening Lounge or a Blanche & Hierta wine bar and deli. You can also taste the seasonal cuisine under the direction of Chef Andreas Askling. Still, at times it feels just right to stay inside the room and catch a glimpse of Stockholm’s rooftops. This is exactly when you start to observe how the hotel reflects city’s calm, elegant spirit and the exceptional flair for aesthetics that is an intrinsic part of the local mentality. All these unique features are beautifully translated into At Six.

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