Miniature Tigers: Bullfighter Jacket

The Miniature Tigers have grown into full-blown animals since their last album, Tell It To The Volcano. “Bullfighter Jacket” is only one specimen of their burgeoning ‘tearing it up’ talents off their newest feat, Fortress. The punching and hyped piano lifts this song even higher and heavenly than the hopelessly sweet lyrics, which one would not think possible. There’s an energetic sprinkle of pulsing sounds that makes for an undeniable “happy effect.” This feeling can be most likely attributed to the LP producer, Morning Benders’ Chris Chu. Chu lends his transitional abilities to the piece, allowing it to range from psychedelic to clean-cut. Back to the Tigers, they are now proudly touring through the mid-west and on to the east coast with Japandroids, Freelance Whales and The–up and coming–Walkmen!

Listen to “Bullfighter Jacket” here

      1. Miniature Tigers - Bullfighter Jacket

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