Mini Mansions: Monk

Listen to “Monk” here

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Psychedelic garage band, Mini Mansions, is an American modern-day Beatles, if you put aside their ethereal, grunge-goth sound not too far from a more pop-inclined Pink Floyd. “Monk” shows the whimsical side of their many catchy tunes off the LA threesome’s self-titled debut album. Although, “Kiddie Hypnogogia” is a perfectly nostalgic fit for all you Magical Mystery Tour fans. Despite good production value, it takes a live show to truly understand the unique dynamics of sweat-drenched, drum-banging front man, and Queens of the Stone Age bassist, Micheal Shuman–an undeniable vocal resemblance to John Lennon–Tyler Parkford (keyboard/vocals), and Zach Dawes (bassist).

Recorded and live, anyone could hear the warped Paul McCartney-inspired vocals detected in Parkford’s singing, but you’d hardly pay heed to the similarity since the keyboardist singer has got a punk-ridden individual style, in addition to his impressively high range. This week’s performance at LA underground venue, Central S.A.P.C. was the perfect setting for the band’s inherently intimate sound, which has been sorely missed while the guys write and record their much-anticipated sophomore album. But, where ever you are, the trio will suck you into their unfamiliar territory along blurred lines of punk-pop, psychedelic rock, and the retro-filled mystifying world that is their own.