Millie Small: My Boy Lollipop (E-Six Remix)

Jamaican singer and song writer, Millie Smalls released the 1964 massive hit, “My Boy Lollipop” (a rearrangement of Barbie Gaye’s original version), topping charts all over the world. This year, a train of remixes by E-SIX, a Florida boy/producer/dj have surfaced, including banger reinventions of Kenny Roger’s “We’ve Got Tonight” (interesting choice) and Millie’s sweet-as-candy, old school tune. It’s definitely got what it takes to be a club delight while holding on to that poppin’ golden oldies flair. If you haven’t had a taste yet, get some! Oh–and a word of advice, listen past 30 seconds. I know all about your 21st Century attention spans, people. Enjoy this fun piece of ear candy!

Listen to “My Boy Lollipop (E-Six Remix)” Here

      1. My Boy Lollipop (E-SIX Remix)