Mieke Meijer Design

Mieke Meijer graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2006. Since then she has been working on self-initiated and commissioned projects in her Eindhoven based workshop. Her ‘functional objects’ are the result of an ongoing investigation to the unperceived aesthetics of everyday life. No matter the starting point, from products we daily use to

industrial machinery, Mieke Meijer filters the essence and transforms ideas into designs that appeal to the imagination long term. The objects therefore keep their value. Featured here are only two of her projects. The first is entitled Relativity Time Piece, a series in which Meijer has created objects that visualize the passing of time through mass, volume and temperature.

The second project is entitled Gravel Plant,  which is part of a series based on industrial archeology. By playing with volume and shape, autonomous interior objects arise. This modular structure can be stacked in many different ways to function for your specific needs.