Foster the People: Houdini (RAC Mix)

Listen to “Houdini (RAC Mix)” here

      1. Houdini (RAC Mix)


In waves of popularity, Foster the People‘s “Houdini” has crashed into and taken over music-obsessed blogs everywhere! The song, inspired by the infamous escape artist, is another electronic wonder from the LA-born, all-testosterone group of 3 and their triple-track EP. The sweet vocals still sweet. The climactic points still climactic. The goods they’re dishing, still great! The group has come along way, from rocking Coachella last month to receiving much love and street credit since we last featured them. Maybe that push into the limelight has something to do with the track’s major line, “Sometimes I want to disappear.” Good luck with that boys! It doesn’t seem like you’ll be escaping the music spot light for a while. Their full length album, Torches will be released very soon, May 24th–to be exact!

Check out RAC’s mix, which only sweetens the song spot. Enjoy, and catch one of their shows if you’ll be in the UK, US, or among the Aussies this summer! Happy listening, Trendlandians.