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Michna: Through The City On The Edge of Forever

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      1. Through The City On The Edge Of Forever



Artist/designer/musician triple threat, Michna, pushes his latest musical work to the forefront with his new EP Moving Mountains (Out 9/18 on Ghostly International).


“Through The City On The Edge Of Forever” is a more narrative soundscape through experimental electronics as the Brooklyn-Miami crowd pleaser lofts a breezy ambience over a balanced tempo with is latest release. His debut album in 2008, Magic Monday, was a refreshing introduction to the writer-producer who never fails to extract big sound with his designer DJ skills from remixing and sampling to raw invention. Atmospheric downtempo, or futuristic hip-hop, or straight up instrumental, Michna spans the gamut of the dance scene as one of New York’s go-to music kings for a good night (once upon a time CBGBs + Lion’s Den among the dozens).


His work in the art and design world only highlights his panache. Enjoy his recent releases and login to all things Michna for a New York locale well spent. After a slick appearance 9/13 at the Art Director’s Club, Michna sweeps Los Angeles next week 9/18 – Echo for another sexy set and for a big release in Brooklyn 10/4 – Glasslands. Catch Michna on the spin here.