Matt & Kim: Cameras

Here’s another one from the lovely Matt & Kim. You may recognize this Brooklyn-based two-some from a previous feature of ours and possibly, your “Top Rated” playlist. Now, the duo is proving that making things a little more complicated isn’t always bad. “Cameras,” the debut single off their fall-released album adds some new sounds to their drum-keyboard ways. A little horn here, a little synth pad there, among much else. It wouldn’t be Matt or Kim if the track wasn’t danceable, but you need not worry; there is a fantastic splash of hip-hop funk starting this one off (the reason for which I have been obsessing). After slaving away most of 2010, Matt & Kim will be showing off their new tunes at venues all around the US, starting September 15th. Hope you get a chance to check out their kick-ass show and love this single as much as I!

Listen to “Cameras” Here

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