Marta Lamovsek portrays people, and challenges social constructs of race and gender

Bold and vulnerable, Marta Lamovsek work is a juxtaposition of aesthetics, a collage of race and culture. Marta elevates the beauty and the personal story of a stranger, creating eccentric images with a powerful fictional story, transforming them into “Icons”.

Each individual brings personality to the surface with a touch of kitsch, in the use of the materials and textures. Her signature collections: Iconbooth and Plastic Garden, are a clear example of her perception and curiosity for strangers.

About Martha

Photographer and creative director, specializing in portrait, fashion and advertising. She is an alumni of London’s renowned Central Saint Martin’s College of Art & Design. Her work has been published in several books and more than fifty international publications, such as VICE magazine (UK), I-D Magazine, Vogue (UK & Arabia), Marie Claire (ME) and Elle (ME).

Written for Trendland by Vivian Pérez