Ina Jang Hand-Cut Collages

Korean artist Ina Jang was born in Seoul and studied in Tokyo and New York. She is based in New York when not traveling and working around the world as a photographer. Her unique artworks often explore the contemporary uncertainty of female identity in this complicated time.

As seen in Utopia (2017) and Mrs.Dalloway (2017), the collaged female figures that appear in her works have their faces often hidden in the sophisticated composition of shapes and distinctive color palettes. Her latest work Radiator Theatre, builds on a similar theme with “staged” abstract shapes in the resemblance of female figures: round bodies, ribbons, masks, legs, and heels.

Radiator Theatre, as the name implies, was created from a small set made by the artist on top of the radiator in her modest apartment in New York. Each of the abstract figures are imperfectly hand-cut, hand-colored, and suggest narratives of their own. They would float listlessly against the background, if not for the shadows created by the sun that shines through the apartment’s window. Their dark shadows root the figures to the ground, creating a sense of space and a new language for relationships between moments in the photographs.

Words via Artsy.