Mama does Rio – an Urban Chic Stay in the Tropics [Brazil]

Rio de Janeiro is by far one of the most charismatic, exciting and memorable cities in the world. Maybe it’s the beautiful locals, the broad smiles and the tropical breeze that blows through the city’s streets whilst one watches painterly orange & pink sunsets.

Mama Shelter Rio hits all the right notes with its most bohemian space yet in Santa Teresa, by far the best area in this magical city to spend your time. Despite its perfect location the artsy, cult, colonial vibe paired with gourmet food and a design scene makes it unique destination in its own right.

Mama loves Rio! Set in one of the old mansions that have flourished into boutique hotels, Mama Hotel Rio stays true to its Parisian essence yet with tropical and very ‘carioca’ je ne sais quoi. The neighborhood located between the sea and the mountains has prime views of the Guanabara Bay, the statue of Christ the Redeemer and Sugarloaf Mountains.

Designed by Jalil Amor, Mama Shelter Rio de Janeiro has 55 rooms all curated with the colorful painted walls and trademark objects from the Shelter brand: quirky lampshades, graphite art and cartoon memorabilia. All rooms count with comfortable king-size beds and high speed WiFi and there are many communal spaces and co-working facilities – following the brands collaborative ethos.

The hotel location is a winner – just past the famous multicolored tiled steps and a few blocks from art galleries, museums and many boutiques and restaurants.

Rio de Janeiro is considered a sister city of light to Paris –where the brand began its life. Nothing more suitable than making Rio a home for Mama – a party home full of the music that makes the lounge of the hotel a busy meeting point to locals and travelers, ushering in the exhilarating warmth of Rio de Janeiro’s convivial vibe.

“Here the morning is born like everywhere in the world but a feeling vibrates that things loved each other during the night”.

Carlos Drummond de Andrade

Mama Shelter Rio