Maison Michel Millinery

1936- Hatmaker Auguste Michel opens Maison Michel 65 Rue Sainte Anne , Paris…1968 – Pierre Debard takes over with his wife Claudine…1975 – Debard re-introduces Weismanns, old straw sewing machines that enable the creation of straw hats with invisible stitching. These hats appeal to Pierre Cardin and Yves Saint Laurent…1980 – Haute couture production begins for Chanel, Givenchy, and Lanvin…1996 – Chanel takes over…2003 – Debard dies…2005 – theater, cinema and opera join fashion as clients… 2006 – Laetitia Crahay takes over as Artistic Director of Maison Michel and as Head of Accessories and Jewelry for Chanel.

Here begins the modern story of this iconic, historic and artisanal brand, which under Crahay’s direction has become the accessories brand de jour. She has taken the classic straw hat, trilby, boater, along with veils, head band and plastic rain caps to a whole new level with a modern, playful and chic designs which blur the lines of age and trend.  Utilizing all the original techniques of traditional hat making, then using amazing ad campaigns usually shot by Karl Lagerfeld, top models (Sasha, Milla, Lara, Kate, Angels) and social icons ( Sean Lennon,  Sky Ferreira, Clemence Posy, ) she has transformed Maison Michel into an adorable, chic and coveted brand. Not taking fashion too seriously and using humor as the best accessory makes this brand so desirable Crahay also is interested in social responsibility, having used reclaimed materials (vintage denim) for designing one of a kind pieces.  Hand-craftsmanship, top quality textiles and materials, humor, elegance and major innovation Maison Michel will stand the test of time.