Zena Holloway Shoots Jaeger’s Look Book

Zena Holloway’s latest work “Frozen” (Jeager AW12 campaign) brings another level to editorial work. In a sense, it is a bit of a departure for her; although these images are underwater (as is all her work) they seem angular, sharp and constructed. A departure from her past work, which has more of a dreamlike and surreal nature.  Here, in fact, at first glance it is not so obvious that it is shot in the water, one might think this a studio location, with a special lens, or lighting…. but, upon closer inspection, one begins to see, and feel, there’s more to it than that, the very subtle bubbles, a fluidity, softening and malleability that one feels. Then there’s a realization that  water itself is acting as an aberrant lens. Stuart Stockdale, Design Director, Jaeger, says, “I love that these images have the sense of being frozen in a moment. The water accentuates the silhouettes of the pieces and the images make the colors more vivid.”  These very subtle nuances are what make the images so strong and individual. “Frozen” stays within the construct of synchronized energy; the water, the composition, the fluidity of the model all meld into these beautiful final images.

Completely self-taught, Zena’s work is striking and instinctive. She is an innovator, and leader whose love for the sea, nature, solitary open spaces, and creative freedom is evident in her huge body of work. Holloway regularly shoots for a range of magazines and advertising clients who appreciate the unique impact of her colorful dreamlike imagery, completed a two year project to illustrate Charles Kinglsey’s 1863 novel “The Water Babies”, has several videos under her belt and has amassed a slew of photography and directors awards.