M.I.A.: Bad Girls

Listen to “Bad Girls” here

      1. MIA_Bad Girls


Live fast. Die young. That’s M.I.A.‘s motto. For the small percent of Americans who missed the bad girl’s middle finger to the FCC during yesterday’s NFL Super Bowl, this babe does not mind stirring up mass-televised controversy. Misbehaving is in her British blood. Her new single “Bad Girls” rides perfectly on her stunt, and the publicity from her collaboration with Madonna and Nicki Minaj on their song, “Give Me All Your Luvin’,” plus the video’s release this week.  Basically, M.I.A. is all the rage this week.

Listen to “Give Me All Your Luvin” here

      2. Madonna_Give Me All Your Luvin'


For the “Bad Girls” video, M.I.A. took her attitude to Ouarzazate, Morocco, where she sports a headdress and races around in dancing cars, getting tiresome “The Fast and The Furious” comparisons. The desert party even features a daring M.I.A.–not a stunt double–casually sitting atop a moving, side-planked car. In a world of publicity posers, and commercial-created teeny boppers, M.I.A. refreshes the music scene by living her lyrics, never compromising her badass antics and avant-garde rap.