Lo Siento_COLORS The Film

Lo Siento Studio

Lo Siento_La Vida de los Objetos


Lo Siento is a design agency based in Barcelona with a great and diverse portfolio including some great 3D projects. Their talents are expressed through packaging, lettering, prints, identity, and even exhibitions. They are brilliant and recognized as one of the best design agency in Barcelona. We selected different projects which express Lo Siento’s flair.

Lo Siento_COLORS The Film

Lo Siento_El Pais Semanal

Lo Siento_EMO Essential

Lo Siento_Whirled

Lo Siento_BABAU

Lo Siento_Oilmotion

Lo Siento_La Bicicleta

Lo Siento_La Inmaculada

Lo Siento_Metric

Lo Siento_Triticum

Lo Siento_Triticum


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