Little Worlds Show The Lives We Lead Through Technology

London-based Hong Kong illustrator and product designer Kevin LCK has merged his two passions in his new series for the ongoing project titled Ordinary Behavior. To stay true to his project, the series explores how humans interact and are codependent with technology. Kevin LCK was able to create tangible illustrations, which he coined as “illustrative objects,” whose purpose is to showcase the way we live our lives through technology.


Using cardboard and paper, Kevin created incredibly detailed dioramas which he handcrafted, ironically and intentionally, without the help of any technology. The mini sculptures represent everyday electronics reimagined so that each object internalizes the way we would normally use it and in which context.


A cardboard iPhone replica has a restroom emerging from its screen, a camera shows an artist’s studio living inside in place of its machinery, and a microwave features a full dining room table spinning on its inner plate. By using the technology itself to house our behavior and setting in which the technology is used, Kevin LCK contextualizes these appliances as reflective and incorporative of a greater part of our life than we would like to give them credit for.







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