Lingerie by Nicole Heiniger with Art Direction By From Brazil With Love

Written by Guest Blogger Emily Miller From Brazil, With Love is the brainchild of Romeu  Silveira, creator of U+Mag, and he is no stranger to visual culture. He calls his appropriation art “restyling the already styled,” all without compromising the integrity of the original work yet gracefully enhancing it.

Silviera resurrects art forms from all over the globe enticing readers to take a second look. In this collection of collages photographed by Nicole Heinigier and styled by Thiago Ferraz, Silviera creates an intimate direction proving that opposites do attract. The heavenly blend of nude and black display a harmonizing controversy with modern distressed photo backdrop. The lingerie entrances viewers in a spell of raw and ethereal femininity creating a tranquil balance in his collages, and leaving readers craving more.

via From Brazil, With Love

Photography: Nicole Heinigier
Styled by: Thiago Ferraz
Art Direction: Romeu Silveiera @ From Brazil, With Love

Published October 16, 2012

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