Lernert & Sander: Everything


Nowadays, it seems as though every time I open a magazine, or visit a department store, there’s a new fragrance to hit the market.  It’s undeniably true that the perfume market is as lively and busy as ever, and even with super catchy marketing, I tend to tune it all out.  Artist duo Lernert & Sander based their latest project on the concept of perfume madness, and decided to make a fragrance of their own.  Collecting over 1400 samples of all the new perfumes in 2012, they combined each one to make one giant fragrance, a 1.5 liter bottle to hold it, and named it “Everything”.  Check it out!


Concept & Design: Lernert & Sander
Producer: Maarten Le Roy (Wrong)
Graphic design: Veronica Ditting
Styling: Ferry van der Nat
Light & technique: Ram van Meel
Carpenter: Hadewig Steenwinkel

For more information, visit www.lernertandsander.com