Leather Furniture by Tortie Hoare

Furniture designer Tortie Hoare’s motivation behind her design is simple – it must be ergonomic, durable and aesthetically pleasing. This year Tortie has researched methods of creating structural 3D shapes that are environmentally conscious and an alternative to using plastic or resin. It was through research into this that she came across the incredible ancient art of boiling leather.

Reviving an ancient technique of forming leather, UK designer Tortie Hoare makes a splash in the design world with her rustic-contemporary furniture collection.

This furniture is handmade and designed by Tortie. The pieces are comfortable ago use and beautifully unique, right down to marks where the cow has scratched against the bush. The result of all this is functional, natural furniture that focuses on the beauty of the materials being used.

I have tried to combine old methods and new ways of thinking to create contemporary furniture by forming a cohesive relationship between the boiled leather and other materials. These furniture designs have been dictated by the process of shaping and taming the boiled leather.

All pictures by Paul Wilkinson

More information at www.tortiehoare.co.uk