Lali Puna : Remember

It’s been five long years since we last heard from Lali Puna on 2004’s Faking The Books, which was one of my favorite albums that year. On their new single, Remember,  vocalist Valerie Trebelijar asks quite a relevant question, “Will you remember me?” The track touches upon many tones from their last album. It simply starts with a pulsing bass rift and a Moby-esque sample and they soon add in other elements including hand claps, keys, guitar picking and then comes Valerie’s signature “hushed” vocals. The band is really great at building crescendos, putting in simple breaks and then building even more… it’s very satisfying. If you are unfamiliar with Lali Puna, they are anchored by the Notwist‘s frontman Markus Acher and are on Morr Music, which is a German label responsible for putting out some of my favorite electronic music in the early part of this decade. From the sound of the bands first single from Our Inventions (out April 1st), the label has finally gotten my attention back.

Listen to “Remember” here

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