Kodacrome: Modern Man

Album Artwork: Christine Rojek, Kate Berman

      1. Modern Man


The accident child of electronic pop is a product of Kodacrome‘s latest EP, Perla. The Brooklynite trio experiment with bourgeois synths and atypical sounds to breed their debut self-produced work featuring Modern Man, initially acoustic-abiding turned beat blowout which lyrically abandons the old-school breadwinner of machismo. Cinch that with echos of Garbage and bullying drums sets, and you land somewhere in the musical head space of “delicate and grimy…Easy on the head, and heavy on the pretty.”


Elissa Pociask (keys, vocals), Ryan Casey (drums, electronics), and Phil DaRosa (guitar) are the parents to this mod-tronic material carving out their allegiance to enterprising music. Young and restless, with this six-track release last month, Kodacrome is hustling all the right marquees as they translate dedicated music designs from atelier (The Print Shop) to audiences coast to coast. Catch them at home in Brooklyn at Knitting Factory, April 25.