Kiev: Crooked Strings

Written by Guest Blogger Dana Kelly

The first time I heard Kiev, I played the album on repeat five times over and then again everyday for weeks thereafter. Although this isn’t a new release, its definitely a group which you should keep on your radar.

      3. Crooked Strings

      4. Found! The Real Found


The Orange County natives describe their music as “being in pursuit of audio equivalents to optical illusions…”, where they take you on a journey of highs, lows, and emotional breaking points. Brassy instruments, experimental crescendo intros, and off-beat lyrics are details which comprise their five song debut EP Ain’t No Scary Folks In On Around Here (2010).  The album boast indie and soulful sounds but remains true to a classic and alt-rock undertone – think Pond meets Radiohead. Kiev – named after the former Russian city (now capital of Ukraine), have proven a keen understanding of classic rock and use it as building blocks to tear down and reconstruct to their own tune. Kiev’s vulnerable and vague lyrics keep the mind searching for underlying meanings song after song. They released three additional songs in 2011 on the Be Gone Dull Cage & Others EP. This release was anything but a tiny production. The 3 song EP last nearly 20 minuets, and showcases the intersection of jazz, rock and progressive psychedelic sounds. Kiev has kept quiet in the past year, only playing local shows here and there in LA. Rumors are that they are working on a release for 2013 which I am anticipating will be more mind blowing than the small teasers of talents which they have released in the past years.

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Dana Kelly

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