Kárin Tatoyan : In Ruins (Fol Chen cover)

On April 6th Fol Chen, an avant-pop group from Highland Park, unleashed their new single “In Ruins” and within a week it reached the #4 spot on Hype Machine’s “most blogged about bands on the internet”. Last week the group dropped a free “In Ruins” EP which included remixes by up-and-comers Baths and Keepaway as well as a cover by Kárin Tatoyan, who has been referred to as “The Madame of LA Electronica”.

Tatoyan, who was the vocalist on the original “In Ruins”, decided to strip her interpretation down. In place of big drums, she starts out with a program beat that builds and builds until laser like synths come in to cool it all down. Her sultry vocals are the focal point of the song as she stylistically weaves in and out of the music while she emphasizes parts with layered harmonies. The beat starts to slowly build up again, making sure that when the vocals disappear, your left with your head bobbing and only one option… Hit the repeat button.

Listen to “In Ruins (Fol Chen Cover)” here

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