Jim Kazanjian’s Photo-Composites

With an 18 year career as a commercial CGI artist—and an archive of photographs to show for it—Jim Kazanjian expertly creates this series of digital manipulations that are as seamless as it can get. Each image is a re-composition of about 50 photographs, which, in Jim’s hands “gives way to an uncanny space that is familiar, but foreign—a fantasy both wild and gloomy”, describes Chas Bowie in the artist’s profile. “None of the images qualify as photographs, yet each piece is entirely photographic.”

Indeed, as Jim cites his literary influences as “weird fiction” authors the likes of H.P. Lovecraft and Algernon Blackwood, it’s only natural that his body of work appears as if straight out of a vividly imaginative, thrilling storybook.

More information at www.kazanjian.net